C-Suite Executive Outplacement

Why do 9 Out of 10 Senior Executives say Outplacement is a “Waste of Time & Money”?

This benefit is given by employers who are genuinely concerned about their outgoing employees but according to surveys, the help is initially appreciated but most often not being used.

Our research shows that senior executives who experience traditional outplacement feel that it is not designed for executives and the techniques taught don’t work at the executive level.

The reason?
Traditional Outplacement is designed based upon a business model focused on the “average level” of the downsized participant. This promotes traditional networking as a primary directive.

The problem?
With whom does a senior executive network? Executive level searches are rarely, if ever advertised and most often filled by recruiters in the top 100 search firms but most executives say they are only on file with a handful of search firms.

Our Solution
We offer contemporary “placement-focused” strategies that introduce executives to the few firms and people that routinely recruit them. This shortens severance periods, reduces employer costs, prevents costly and time consuming lawsuits, and generates good will between outgoing executives and their former employers.

Just take a look at a few of the testimonials below and feel free to contact any of these executives if you wish.

Outplacement Services Are Offered In Three Categories

Written Presentation

    • Achievement Documentation
      Identification and documentation of every major career achievement accomplished by the executive.
    • 7 Dimensional Resumes
      Multiple resumes to showcase multiple potential roles.
    • LinkedIn Optimization
      With 440 million users, LinkedIn has surpassed Google as a primary source for recruiting. However, most executives spend little or no time learning how to use this tool. Our candidates experience on “average” 300% growth in recruiter visits to their profile after we optimize it.


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Verbal Presentation

  • Interview Preparation
    Written and transcribed training for 200 Performance, Behavioral, Situational, and Emotional Intelligence questions.
  • Game Day Preparation
    Customized Preparation based on specific bullets from job descriptions.
  • Executive Coaching
    One-to-one on any subjected related to the transition.
  • Negotiation Strategy
    Our experience as executive search firm operators provides us with insight into what is and is not negotiable.
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Market Penetration

  • Top 100 Retained Executive Search Firms
    with 475,000 people in the Executive Search Industry, fewer than 4,000 have ever placed a C-Suite executive. We know who they are.
  • Resume Uploading
    Firms specialize by industry and discipline. Depending on your executive’s work experience, they may be right for some, but not for others. We will upload your executive to the “right” databases.
  • Executive Search Introductions
    Introductions to top Retained Executive Search Firms, Private Equity & Venture Capital Firm principals and more.
  • Board of Directors Search
    We will guide your C-Suite executive to people who recruit or hire Boards of Directors.
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Brent Furse, President & Chief Executive Officer, GeNo

Working with Jackson Stevens was worth every bit of the investment in time and financial resources.

David Neuman, Chief Executive Officer, GAEA Products

My company was sold. I was CEO, over 50 and highly-compensated, making Job change very stressful but JSR made my transition fast and painless.

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    Candidate Testimonials from LinkedIn

    Dennis Gilman, Chief Financial Officer, Brownie Brittle

    We sold our company and I was on the market. Traditional services just didn’t get the job done. We hired JSR. I was able to obtain a position that was near my home and did not have to move. It was fast and efficient to work with JSR.

    Shaun Jacob, President, CHC Wellbeing

    We conducted exhaustive research and found that most firms focused on the same elements, resume, interview, and networking, not marketing. We chose JSR and couldn’t have been more pleased with the final result. They have the same services as others but also connect the candidate to top executive search firms, which shortened transitions.

    Kevin Hornish, Vice President, Talent Acquisition, QBE North America (12,500 employees)

    “Most accomplished executives don’t build their careers by honing their resume writing, interview, and job seeking skills, they do it by delivering results. Engage JSR. They are absolute experts at crystallizing achievements with incredible detail from the 7 dimensions.”

    Paul Rector, Vice President & General Manager, Lenovo

    “In 4 months of working with JSR I have exactly what I was looking for. It’s an exciting, transformative job.”

    Bill Yaeger, President, Elekta

    I worked closely with JSR for a couple of months and they got my resume in front of hundreds of executive recruiters in various disciplines. The results have been very positive. I would recommend JSR’s services for any senior level executive outplacement.

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