Interview Preparation

9 out of 10 Search Firms say:
“Poor executive candidate interview skills cost my firm its fee and the candidate their placement.”

There are 200 questions asked between the resume and the offer.
What Candidates “Say” in the Interview Determines Everything.

Most executives surveyed believe they have extremely well-developed interview skills, so why the disconnect? Senior executives are extremely capable presenters, but our research showed they rarely had any practice presenting themselves.

Most of an executive’s time spent in an interview is on the employer’s side of the desk

Here’s what we discovered…

In non-network situations, the candidate is unknown to the employer. This means extensive interviewing to gather enough information for the employer to make an offer.
That offer is based upon the employer’s knowledge, gathered during the interview, of how the candidate will perform and is measured against competitors, incumbents and the hopes of the employer for the role and its contribution.

Most employers tell us at the time they interviewed the candidate, they had only a fraction of the knowledge of how well the candidate would perform prior to making an offer, so their offer was based upon that speculation.

This means the candidates offer was based on only a portion of what the candidate could do for the employer and not the sum total of what they could do. Hence, the candidate is paid less than they are worth, almost every time.

Kevin Hornish, Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition, QBE North America (14,500 employees)

“I hadn’t interviewed in 20 years. Like most accomplished executives I didn’t build my career by honing my interview skills, I did it by delivering results. If you want to be absolutely certain you will present your accomplishments in the best possible way, engage Jackson Stevens”

Test your Interview Skills with these Common Questions.
Don’t flip the cards until you’ve got an answer in mind.
See how well you do.

Why Are You Considering a Change?

Don't flip this card until you answer this question in your mind.

Common Interview Killing Answers

x I am ready for a new challenge
x I have differences with the Board or CEO
x My company is going in different direction
x Our corporate culture changed
x We got a new CEO or Board member
x I no longer feel challenged

Work with us to learn the RIGHT answers

Tell Me About Yourself

Don't flip this card until you answer this question in your mind.

Most Executives Answer either Personal or Professional:

x Personal information: they are not interested until the offer stage.
x Work History: They have read your resume, they already know.

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What Was Your Salary Last Year?

Don't flip this card until you answer this question in your mind.

If You Give a Number, You Lose

x If it's lower, you lose money
x If it's higher, you could be eliminated
x If you refuse, you will likely be eliminated.

We have built a negotiation strategy designed to waylay this question until the entire offer is on the table and it works every time.

Work with us to avoid expensive mistakes

Tell Me About a Time When You Had to Bend the Rules

Don't flip this card until you answer this question in your mind.

This question is a "Catch 22".

x If you say: "I don't bend the rules", they won't believe you.
x If you give an example where bending the rules is rational to you, they may not agree with your rationale.
You have to create an answer that changes the focus of the question.

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Craig Reingold, President Sperry (Board Member, Huron Partners)

Understanding the thought process of recruiters and potential employers, how they interview and select candidates is a critical aspect a job search. Jackson Stevens was highly effective and a tremendous asset in coaching through the search process.

Brent Gordon, Vice President, Strategy, Penguin Random House

“The 7 Dimensional framework delivered compelling achievement stories that proved distinctive during multiple executive interviews and resulted in three simultaneous job offers.”

Dr. Naoki Sawada, Assistant Professor (University of Chicago Medicine & Award winning R&D Executive)

It is difficult for non-medically trained people to grasp many of the scientific and the academic aspects during an interview. I was able to articulate my experiences in both arenas in such a way that employers could understand regardless of their background and I have achieved great results.

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    Comments From the Executive Search Community

    Patrick B. Ropella, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Ropella Group

    We have partnered with Jackson-Stevens for several years and our C-suite candidates we have been impressed with the results. I highly recommend any C-Suite candidate move forward and work with Jackson Stevens.

    Anjela Mangrum, President, MCS | Manufacturing Search Firm

    JSR has been a fantastic resource for our executive level candidates. They are professional and in my mind, second to none. I look forward to a long partnership with Jackson Stevens.

    Jeff Sandbothe, Chief Executive Recruiter, GRN of Lake St. Louis

    I have had the pleasure of working with JSR on several executive searches, and they have always delivered. The JSR 7 Dimensions have been outstanding, the discussions move to matters of substance and away from rhetoric. JSR delivers significant value to the services I provide my Clients. The proof is in the profit.

    Sean Garvey, President/Managing Partner, Global Recruiters of Frankfort

    I’ve now had the pleasure of working with JSR for 9 years and they have provided significant value to my organization. They have the best interview and candidate preparation services I’ve come across in the industry. One of the biggest challenges we face as recruiters is being able to have our top candidates interview as well as they look on paper. I know when I send top talent to JSR they will receive a well defined process that results in differentiation in the market place and gives them the edge during the interview process.

    Denis Bilodeau, Managing Partner, GRN Bridgewater | Healthcare

    I wish I would have had the good fortune of knowing about JSR 10 years ago. The clarity and succinctness of the 7 dimensions and how it conveys the quality and talent of candidates I submit to employers is unmatched and results in more placement revenue. They are truly presentation experts.

    Jackie Bandish, The Bandish Group | Pharmaceutical Staffing

    At The Bandish Group we refer our top candidates to JSR. they are diligent and very professional. The outcome is stellar and we have had numerous success with JSR.

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